The Ulster Project’s Mission is to help young, Christian-based potential leaders from Northern Ireland and the United States become peacemakers by providing a safe environment to learn and practice the skills needed to unite people when differences divide them.

For over 30 years now, the Ulster Project of Utah has been bringing a dozen teens over from Northern Ireland for a month each summer.  Half the group comes from Catholic families and half from Protestant families.  They are matched with local host families who have a teen of the same age and similar background.  Together, the group of 24 teens, plus 4 college-aged counselors, and an adult coordinator, spend the month doing a mix of daily activities.


The Ulster Project activities include:

  • Service-oriented activities – Food Bank, helping disabled children, visiting the elderly, etc.
  • Fun activities – Lagoon, Boondocks, bowling, etc.
  • Outdoor activities – camping, hiking, swimming, etc.
  • Faith-based activities – They attend church services at several different churches

Most of our participants become close friends with the other teens in the group and stay in touch for years afterwards.  Many of them declare it to be the “best summer of their lives”.

If you are interested in participating during the 2019 season, please see the host family information link above.