If you are ready to apply for the 2024 Utah Ulster Project, you can access our online application here

(Just a clarification – this website and application is only for the American host teens.  The N. Irish teens are selected in a separate process by our counterparts in Omagh.  I don’t believe they have a website of their own at this point.)

Note that there are only 12 spots available for US host teens each year, so applying early is recommended.  Additional information on our screening and selection process and our timeline is available on the Host Family Info page.

Or if you would like more information before you fill out an application form, start with our Contact Form.  This will give us some basic information about your teen and your family.  Once we receive the Contact Form, a member of the Host Family Committee will get in touch with you to provide more information and help you decide if the Ulster Project is a good fit for your family.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by Email and we’ll try to help you.

After we have received your online application, the Host Family Committee will contact you to schedule a time for the Host Family Interview.

At any time in the process, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to drop us an Email or visit our Facebook page anytime.  Links are in the sidebar.